9 Best Photo Grid Collage Maker for Windows PC, Android & iOS Users

Photo Grid Collage Maker : Back in the days, creating a Photo Grid collage required certain knowledge of Photoshop and image editing skills. However, with the advent of a number of sophisticated photo grid collage maker apps available to every operating platform has made life easier for us. The modern day sophisticated photo collage maker apps have every function available for you.

Now you can easily choose from any of the different background layout and template options various apps provide to create a collage for yourself. Besides layout and templates, you can also add a number of different filters, stickers and emojis to your grid to enhance the photo. A number of photo grid collage maker apps are available for Android, Windows, and the iOS platform to make the photo collage look awesome.

Today, we have brought forward the range of best Photo Grid collage maker apps for Windows, iOS, and Android users. To make the decision easier for you, we present you with the best collage maker apps available for you across the internet.

There is already a number of known best photo collage app for Android covered in the post. You can even find their apk and enjoy running these apps on your devices. You can even go through the list of video editors on this blog. With the photo collage apps you can even make slideshow out of the photos.

Best Photo Grid Collage Maker for Windows

Below we are sharing a good collection of best photo grid collage maker for Windows. We are also including web & Android apps to make it easier for the users.



Canva is one of the most popular photo grid collage maker web app. Available for iOS and WordPress platforms; Canva is relatively very easy to use. You can upload your own photos from your phone gallery to create a beautiful phot grid collage. You can choose from any one of the 100 different collage layout options available and choose from a number of filters and effects to give your collage an added upgrade. This app is available for free for all the web and iOS users and they can all buy few in-app purchases to get more filters and layouts.


Fotor is another great photo grid collage maker available for all operating platforms including Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and Web based services. You can choose from any of the two – free and paid service to apply for. The free version of the app is ad-supported and contains a less amount of layout and template options as compared to the pro version, which is also ad-free. You also get advance options like borders, stickers, fonts and text which most other grid makers don’t provide.

Shape Collage

Shape collage allows you to create photo grid collage in a number of different shapes such as heart and cat besides more. It is among the best free resource grid makers available on the net. You can also purchase the $40 pro-version of the same app which provides you with a number of added features. This app is available to all platforms including Android, Windows, iOS, Linux and Mac. You can also save your collage in PSD format to edit in the Adobe Photoshop software later on.


Photovisi is a web based photo grid collage maker. This web based services comes with a number of interesting features but comes along with a caveat. If you are using a free account, the app will add a watermark to your photo grid. However, you won’t see any such problems with the pro version of the app which is available to you for $4.99 per month. This app offers you a number of different background, layout options, templates and shape for you to create a perfect photo grid collage for yourself.

Best Photo Grid Collage Maker for Android


The technology has gone advanced and the world has become smarter. A number of new apps have been launched each day making the photo collaging easier for you. Let us learn about some great apps available on PlayStore.


Available for free for all the Android users, this app is one of the simplest yet full of features when considering other photo grid collage makers. The app contains over 90 different templates in its database for you to use for your grid. You can easily select the images from the smartphone Gallery, create a photo grid and upload them to your social media accounts through the app. You can choose to apply from 12 different effects, 54 creative borders and another 20 different fonts to your photo grid besides over hundred different custom stickers and emojis.

KD Collage

Another popular free collage maker, KD Collage allows you to place a number of large and smaller amounts of photos together to create a photo grid. You can add up to 4 photos in the smaller frame while the limit increases to 9 photos for the larger ones. You can choose from over 120 different background options and over 100 collage templates to create the perfect grid collage for you. The app is only available for Android users in two versions – an add-supported free version and a paid pro version, costing you $1.37.


Pixlr provides you with a complete control over your photo grid collage. You can choose from a number of different options to collage and edit your images to form a grid. You can also resize and rotate your images so as to fit them in grid layouts of your choice. You can create and upload grids in any size on your social media accounts. The groovy borders and the lightening effects besides contrast, saturation and brightness options will help you to enhance your photo grids. The app is available as a free download for android users.

Best Photo Grid Collage Maker for iOS

While there are number of apps for Windows and Android, you can easily find photo collage apps for iOS too. Know about the best photo grid collage maker app for iOS devices.



Available for both iOS and Android devices, BeFunky probably needs no introduction to users. It is the most popular photo editing and collage maker app for the iOS devices. This free app provides you with a number of options to apply photo filters, retouch your photos, add extra efforts and choose from a new of beautiful and unique background layouts and templates to create the perfect photo grid.

Instacollage Pro

Instacollage Pro is another great free photo grid collage maker app available for the iOS users. It is a very user friendly and versatile app. You can choose from a huge collection of background layouts and templates for your grid. You can also see your recently used layouts at the top so you don’t have to search for them again. The app also comes with a number of great inbuilt editing options such as photo effects and borders to cater to your needs.

The Last Words

The best photo grid collage maker apps mentioned above are some of the best collage maker apps available across the internet for almost all users. Besides this, there are few more photo collage maker apps for Android available on the main site. We will cover the list of collage maker apps for iOS and Mac very sooner.

Have we missed any of your favorite photo grid collage maker apps? If yes then let us know by commenting and we will respond by adding it to the list.